Top 10 open houses to check out in Downtown Vancouver.

Happy BC Day Long Weekend!

While many are out of the city or enjoying a relaxing stay-cation many of us will be running around Downtown Vancouver condo shopping. With that in mind I looked over all the open houses advertised for Sunday, August 6th, in the Downtown and created this list of 10.

If I wasn't holding the 2-bed and den condo atop this list open I'd certainly be making time to swing-by these others.

If none of these listings fit your criteria and you really want to get out and have a look at some open houses I'd recommend checking out my site: Here you can quickly search all your personalized criteria and apply "Open House" to see if there's any upcoming opens scheduled for you to check out. 

Perform any search and from the results find opens like this:

Thanks for visiting and happy house hunting!